mulle meeldib eriti see osa, et ‘ you couldn’t be normal if you tried’ 😛

You Are Expressive and Quirky

You are a very dreamy, imaginative person. You can’t help but paint pictures in your mind.
You are naturally very creative. In fact, almost anything can be a creative outlet for you.

You’re extremely unique, and you couldn’t be normal if you tried. Your mind just works in a different way.
And while you may be different, you don’t feel angst about it. You are surprisingly placid and together.


nädal tagasi oli roosade kilekottide aeg, nüüd kollaste. kevadekuulutajad sellised.
mulle ikkagi meeldib, et ei ole need päris ühel ajal. on natukenegi rahulikum kesklinnas liigelda ja on isegi poodi, kuhu minna süüa ostma.
kuigi samas ei viitsi üldse kusagile minna..