masinad on ainult masinad

Today I was driving in the left lane and was suddenly hit by a woman who was in the right lane. It ran me off the road, I took out a fence and totaled my car. When the cops asked the woman what happened she responded..”my tom-tom told me to turn left.” FML

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selle peale meenub see mingi lugu, kus vist Inglismaal keegi sõitis oma autoga täiesti võssa, sest GPS juhatas ta sinna. ma pakun, et see oli kevadel, linki ei leia hetkel.
ja siis tuleb mulle meelde veel “The 5th Element”, kui Zorg mingi puuviljakivi kurku tõmbas ja üksi tema peenetest tehisasjadest teda aidata ei suutnud.

horoskoope tänaseks

Sure, you’re angry. But how angry? In other words, it is more appropriate to pull out the verbal equivalent of a) a peashooter, b) a Supersoaker or c) a bottle of bubbles with a free bubble-blowing wand inside. Hmm. First, consider the source of your anger.
The tangled web you’re in right now is way too complicated to pull apart, so give it time to unravel itself. Instead of fighting a losing battle, put your energies somewhere they will be more appreciated. Time is very often the key to untangling a complicated problem.