Are You an Optimist or a Pessimist?

sai üle jupi aja jälle mingi test tehtud. huvitav, kas ma bluffisin vastuseid või? ma oleksin oodanud pigem peegelpildilist tulemust..


Well, everything’s not quite roses and teddy bears for you, but you do tend to look on the bright side of life (we can hear those Monty Python boys whistling right now…). Sure, you sometimes bitch and moan about your problems (who doesn’t?), but deep down you’re pretty sure that everything will eventually turn out fine. When the weather man says it’s going to be sunny, you leave your umbrella at home. In general, you like to be around people, and you try to make new friends when you can. You do your best to take things at face value, rather than making mountains out of molehills. Basically, the world is sort of like a big coconut to you: tough and hairy on the outside, but, when you get down into it, there’s good stuff inside.