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Your result for The Cultural Identity Test…

The Kaffeeklatsch Savant

69% Traditionalism, 70% Knowledge, 62% Diversity, 37% Contemporary and 33% Untraditionalism!


You Scored 37% Kaffeeklatsch Savant, Congratulations!

Hey there, Modern Thinker! At the forefront of your generation, you possess the uncanny ability to ride the waves of untraditionalism that course through our fickle society and remain at the crest! Ever aware of the changing tides of politics and philosophy, you have your own niche and you stick to it. With a healthy disdain for hypocrisy and pretense, you have the temerity to say so, and are well aware of the unpleasant facts that your contemporaries try to brush under the rug. Perhaps you’re even something of a cynic!

Not into the latest headlines or ‘ground breaking’ news? Don’t really care about that archaeological discovery in Tibet that suggests Cro-Magnon man had twenty five teeth instead of twenty seven? You find other cultures interesting, but you most likely won’t go out of your way to do anything about it. You know where you stand, and that’s the bottom line. Well, you aren’t alone, and you’re actually in some pretty good company. Oscar Wilde, John Simon, Dorothy Parker and George Bernard Shaw were some of the great modern thinkers of their time, and they maintained their positions by steadfastly refusing to succumb to either the preposterous notions of the past or the rambling obsequiousness of trendy and idealistic fads of the day.

Less of an idealist and not so devoted to traditions, there’s a good chance your idea of the world is your own and you don’t necessarily care about what others think you should be thinking. The past? The future? This is the present, and no amount of planning for the future or lamenting the past will change that. So, you probably have a good idea of where you stand and what makes sense. And then again if nothing makes sense, it’s ok, because it probably isn’t that important anyways. Apathy towards current affairs can be a good thing often times. After all, are those vicissitudinous ideas the politicians spout all the time really that meaningful? They really just want your vote, and you aren’t fooled by all the clever talk.

You were scored as a Modern Thinker because you most consistently chose answers relating to contemporary ideas. Concepts like race, tradition, history, and your heritage don’t appear to have all that great an attraction for you, which is just fine, because most of those things don’t seem to affect your day to day life. If you can get along without worrying about the traditional mating headgear of the Papu Papu tribe of Eastern Samoa, then that’s just one less thing to worry about. And if you do care about such things, then you’ve managed to find the perfect blend between contemporary ideas and the enriching intellectualism that is so readily available to questing minds.

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